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Insurance - the Fairway

Here at Fairway we represent many of the main stream Insurance Companies.

Within these companies are many product varieties covering numerous areas of financial protection to provide support in the event of an unexpected event occurring.

Our providers include:

Sovereign Insurance Fidelity Life Insurance Southern Cross Health Society

Personal Insurance

  •  Life Insurance
  •  Critical Illness Cover
    • (Trauma Cover)
  • Health Insurance
    • Surgical
    • Specialist
  • Total Disablement Cover
  • Income Protection / Mortgage Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Mortgage Advice


  • Fire and General / Vehicle
  • (Available on site from River City Insurance Brokers - click here for more information)


Business Insurance

  • Business Shareholder Protection
  • Business Owner Debt Protection
  • Business Continuity Cover
    (Income Protection)
    •  Life
    •  Critical Illness
    •  Total Permanent Disablement


  • Commercial Fire and General /
    Vehicle / Plant
  • (Available on site from River City Insurance Brokers - click here for more information)


Rural Insurance

  • Rural (Farmer Protection)
  • Total Permanent Disablement
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Estate / Sibling Protection


Life Cover

  • Eligible ages 10 – 70 (70+ individual consideration)
  • Lump sum payable upon death or upon the diagnosis of a terminal illness


Critical Illness Cover (Trauma Cover)

  • Pays a lump sum upon the diagnoses of one of up to 63 medical conditions
  • Can be structured on a severity basis and pay a % dependant on severity e.g. Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Moto Neuron etc.


Total Permanent Disablement (T.P.D.)

  • Pays out a lump sum if you suffer an event which leaves you totally and permanently disabled.  E.g. loss of a limb, loss of sight / hearing


Health Cover

  • Covers the costs of medical / hospital surgical care and can have the added benefit of ‘Specialist and Diagnostic Testing’ to assist with timely medical treatments.
  • Can also attach cover for GP visits, Dental and Optical Care, depending on the company selected to provide the protection plan.


Income Protection

  • Can be based on 75%, 55% of your gross annual income
  • 75%
  • Indemnity cover
  • Not tax paid
  • Financially accessed at claim time
  • 55%
  • Agreed value
  • Tax paid
  • Financially guaranteed at claim time


Mortgage and Income Cover

  • Can be based on either 110% of your monthly mortgage repayments or 40% of your gross annual income.
  • Agreed value
  • Tax paid
  • Financially guaranteed at claim time


Family Protection

  • A monthly lump sum paid to a deceased persons partner / estate or beneficiaries for a specified period of time / or specified age.
  • e.g. $2,500 monthly for 15 years = $450,000 min / max time 5 – 30 years from claim.



Due to the nature of being a brokerage firm, we are able to access quotes from many providers and then recommend the risk plan which both fits your requirements and budget.


Our industry is bound by specific regulations and rules which can often appear arduous and lengthy, however the only time any cover is worth its value is at claim time.  Consequently there is no short quick way to implement cover, only the correct way to ensure you get what you are paying for and expect should you have to make a claim.


All companies provide similar cover and products however there are variations to eligible ages, cover amounts and payment timeframes which we inform you of during the recommendation phase of an application.


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