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Fairway NZ Ltd is a financial services firm which has been operating in various forms since the early 80s. The company although called Fairway NZ, today has changed and rebranded over the years as the industry and legislative requirements have changed.


Garry Williams and Graham Wood were the driving force behind Fairway and although Garry is still very active with his UK Pension Transfer business, Graham has now retired. Stepping into Graham’s shoes is local Senior Advisor Peter Cassidy working alongside fellow Senior Advisor Kevin Aanensen. We have 4 registered AFA’s in our office.


Fairway NZ deals in most facets of the financial services industry and has a large client base spread from Kaitaia to Invercargill – the bulk of which are in the central lower North Island.


Fairway has advisory expertise in residential and commercial risk management which include life insurance, critical illness based covers, income protection (both personal and commercial) along with numerous other risk management products which are backed up by our experienced administration team.


We have specialists in the UK Pension Transfer industry with over 20 years' experience and we also provide all other areas of investment advice including Kiwisaver. Fairway also works closely with a local fire and general specialist Ross Flintoff and Rivercity Insurance Brokers.


Here at Fairway we work on one theory “It doesn't always happen to someone else” and we offer comprehensive advice accordingly.


There is a great saying in our industry, “if you live your life and never make a claim – then you have too much cover, but when you make a claim you never have enough”.


At Fairway we are mindful of these great sayings and provide sound individual solutions to fit.


In short we are a locally owned and operated company that believes the heartbeat of our community needs to be protected so our local economy can thrive.


We look forward to seeing you Fairway NZ.


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